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Chairman's Report

Chairmanís Report September 2000

Following the AGM on 14.10.99 and concerns about highways work and access routes, REVOLT committee members met Jeremy Walker, the new Chief Executive at North Yorkshire County Council, who agreed a change of procedure to refer decisions to a committee chairman, and agreed to seek views from residents and parishes before local decisions were made. NGCís planning applications to Hambleton District Council for verge crossings met with various deferrals and refusals, although a number granted, so NGC still has a long way to go to get all of its intended accesses approved.

Secretary of State re-determined the Middleton gap, so NGC now has all the Electricity Act consents it needs for the line, but not all the wayleaves and accesses. Secretary of State rejected NGCís appeal over the condition restricting the line within 100 metres of houses, so NGC will have to shift the pylons away from the cottages at Rounton Gates and seek a new wayleave.

National Power has confirmed the 1082 MW Blyth A and B power stations will close from 31.1.01. That has a huge impact on the case for the Picton-Shipton section. There is now a very good case for abandoning it. REVOLT appeared at the CPO Inquiry into undergrounding at Newby-Nunthorpe, which was aborted after two days when NGC declared they had landowner agreements so no longer needed the CPOs. We are led to review strategy on Lackenby-Picton.

Anne McIntosh MP has tirelessly pursued several Parliamentary Questions and adjournment debates. Peter Edmonds from Northallerton National Farmers Union surveyed cancer among farming families living near power lines, with startling results. Prof. Dennis Henshaw from Bristol University came to meet him and William Hague and to set up instruments at Thimbleby.

Ian Cunniffe led a shareholder group putting a resolution to National Gridís AGM to review its environmental policy. The resolution received 40% support in the card vote and 14% in the postal vote, an extraordinarily high level, so we have significant shareholder support.

This summer Secretary of State approved some outstanding conditions, including a flawed tree replacement scheme. Revolt is objecting through its solicitors. He also permitted NGC to start work, but conditions require that it must be only in the dry and when the soil is dry. We shall be watching NGC and objecting to any breach of conditions. The crunch is coming this autumn.

Our web site http://www.revolt.co.uk is still going well, managed by Rik Royall. An email revolt news is issued frequently to keep people up to date. Members wishing to receive this news please let me know. My grateful thanks go to our committee and to all our many volunteers.

Mike OíCarroll, Chairman

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