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Burning Pylon logoVale of York MP Anne McIntosh's
  message to REVOLT AGM

"I am so sorry not to be with you this evening on the occasion of Revolt's AGM. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on all your efforts to date and to pledge my continuing and fulsome support.

It would now appear that an actual construction date is looming. We must not lose heart. I shall continue with my leader and colleague, William Hague, to employ every parliamentary tactic to resolve remaining issues.

During the parliamentary recess, I have kept up pressure on the Government. The Government has been extremely evasive over their proposed tree-planting scheme which is supposed to mitigate the impact of the pylons. Following a barrage of letters from me to Helen Liddell MP, Minister for Energy and Competitiveness in Europe, I have yet to receive a sufficient reply as to precisely how the logistics of scheme will work and what the Government plans to do about compensating landowners and farmers. Neither has the question of the alleged link between skin cancer and overhead powerlines been satisfactorily addressed by the Government. Despite several independent inquiries all confirming that there is a link, the Government has still made little effort to ensure that a definitive conclusion is reached.

I will continue to press the Government until adequate responses to these unresolved matters are reached. The issue is simply far too vital for the Vale of York for the Government to remain silent."


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